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Brexit’s Effect on the African Trade Industry

To get a better understanding of how Brexit will effect the African Tire Export Industry, check out Tire World Export’s informative blog post on the topic.

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10 Facts About the African Tire Industry

To discover 10 facts about the African Tire industry that you didn’t know about, take a look at Tire World Export’s recent listicle.

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How to Tell it’s Time to Replace Your Tires

Tires that are well past their sell-by date can pose a serious danger to you and your fellow road users. Make sure you know when to replace your tires.

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5 Ways to Extend the Life of Your Tires

Tired of your tires always giving up on you? Don’t be too quick to buy a new set of wheels. Take a look at our tips for extending the life of your tires.

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Two more Mercedes fitments from Bridgestone

Bridgestone Europe has released details of a further advancement in the company's long-standing and successful partnership with Mercedes Benz with the introduction of two new Original Equipment fitments for the Mercedes GLA and C-Class models. The all-new Bridgestone Dueler H/P will be fitted to Mercedes latest compact SUV Model – the GLA in three size options of 215/60 R17 96V for standard summer, the 235/50 R18 97H for extended all-season plus the 235/45 R19 95V for extended summer for 17, 18 and 19 inch rims. At the same time the the Bridgestone Turanza T001 has been specifically tailored for fitment on the Mercedes C-Class to give true sports driving performance. Source: SATREADS

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Michelin to set up R&D team in India

French tire maker Michelin will soon set up a team in India to research and develop truck tires for the Asian market said a company's top official in China recently. Michelin has a manufacturing presence plant in Tamil Nadu, which makes only truck tires. Michelin has applauded the technical skills available in India, pointing out that India's talent pool was one of the reasons for locating the development team in India. The team is likely to be built up at Michelin's development centre in Gurgaon near Capital Delhi. Michelin said that the focus will remain on truck tires in India, where the tiremaker sees "huge" scope in converting the largely conventional-technology, cross-ply truck tire market into a radial tire market. The top official was speaking at Michelin Challenge Bibendum, a bi-annual meet of players in the automotive and mobility sectors, policy makers and researchers on the theme of sustainable mobility. Source: SA Treads

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A step forward for tire safety campaigner Frances Molloy

Following on from SA Treads recent report on leading European road and tire safety campaigner Frances Molloy's appearance at the recent Britirex Show in the UK last month, Frances has revealed that she has been significantly encouraged by the positive response of tire industry representatives to her call for urgent action on the banning of tires over the age of ten years old following the death of her son and recently had a meeting in the UK Parliament in Westminster accompanied by her local MP Steve Rotheram.

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Hot on the heels of tire waste criminals

Another prominent speaker at this year's Britirex TireTalk Seminars was Paul Keay, National Waste Enforcement Campaigns Manager at the Environment Agency (EA) who made a strong presentation on the enforcement and compliance of waste tires. Concentrating on England, Paul pointed out that the EA is responsible for regulating the use of all waste in industry which includes tires. At present waste crime is estimated to cost the country around £ 800 million a year apart from being an obvious health risk and tires do feature heavily in this crime scenario. Paul adds, "It is quite common for people in the tire industry to get caught up in waste crime without actually being aware of it. Many tire crimes committed are what the EA call 'Accidental Offences' whereby dealers and retailers do not always realise that what they are doing is illegal albeit indirectly through a third party. "We recommend that they endeavour to find out where their waste tires are ultimately

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