Your tires could very well be telling you that they are well past their sell-by date. You cannot afford to ignore these signals, as a worn-out wheel is a dangerous one. The next time you notice or feel any of the following signs, you shouldn’t delay in getting your tires replaced. At Tire World, we are adamant that doing this right away could end up saving somebody’s life.

Can You Be Punished for Having Poor Tires?

Of course! In most countries, driving around with tires that don’t meet the legal tread depth will result in a fine, a penalty, or even a driving ban. The worst punishment of all, however, would be having to live with the fact that you’ve caused harm to a fellow road user because you didn’t replace your tires when you really needed to.

Signs You Should Replace Your Tires

If you are unsure of when to replace your tires, keeping reading the blog for just a few of the signals your tires will give you when they’re in dire need of a change.

1. They Regularly Go Flat

Even good tires can lose air and go flat every now and again, so don’t be alarmed if this happens once or twice to you. The alarm bells should ring, however, if your tires start going flat regularly. This is a sign that they are struggling to hold air, which is a sign that they are dangerous and need replacing ASAP.

2. They Have Low Tread

A lack of tread on your tire results in a lack of grab traction on the road, which then creates an untold amount of problems going forward. With a lack of traction, you could experience an inability to stop your vehicle or you could even lose control of it altogether. Monitor your tread and be sure not to let it fall below legal requirements.

3. Cracks

As your tires grow older, cracks will naturally begin to develop in them. This type of wear and tear is just par for the course and has nothing to do with the way you drive. When you do notice a crack, though, particularly if it is in the sidewall of the tire, you should consider replacing them right away. If you don’t, your tire could very well end up shredding away while you’re driving.

Replace Your Tires with High-Quality Imports from Ture World

If you spot or feel any of the signals above, then it’s safe to say that your tires and tired and are in need of replacing. Get in touch to find out more!