We define service as answering the question “What does our customer want?” rather than the question “What can I sell?”. We understand the importance of your business and we take our responsibility very seriously. We only deal with two transport companies that we have personally chosen because of their excellent service.


We source the highest quality tires from world renowned manufacturers who guarantee quality.


Even though our tires are the highest quality, we negotiate excellent deals on behalf of our customers. The transport companies we use value our business and also supply excellent rates to us. We have systems in place to ensure safe storage and passage of your shipment; so safe that our insurers rate us as a lower risk than other exporters and have reduced our premiums accordingly. All of these savings are passed on to our customers.


We track each and every shipment from the moment it arrives in our warehouse in Johannesburg ready for loading. Our logistics team specializes in customs and export documentation, paying attention to the finest details so that there are no delays at border posts. You as our valued customer will be kept up to date as until the goods arrive at your door.